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hi would you mind dissuading people from writing translock /nb/gq lock unless they identify as trans and/or nb because cis people have a huge history of fetishizing trans people and just generally not writing them well at all. i'm sorry, but i'm just tired of seeing something in the translock tag and hoping it'll be good and then seeing fetishizing/misinformed crap and getting triggered and dissociating and yeah. thank you for doing a challenge that allows for translock tho <3


Oh yeah this is really important.  Sorry for forgetting to mention it earlier!


Trans and nonbinary identities are NOT an experiment for cis people to play with in writing.  Treating trans and nb identies as something novel or new to just “try out” reinforces the idea that trans and nb identities aren’t really valid experiences of actual human beings.

Real Human Beings are severely oppressed, mistreated and hurt on a daily basis because of pervasive bigoted misinformation about those identities.  

Do your research.  Do a lot of research.  Listen to the voices of trans/nb/gq people and always, always, put their voices first.  If you are cis, you cannot and will not ever fully understand and internalize what it is to be oppressed for being trans/genderqueer/nonbinary.

Let me repeat:  If you are cis, you cannot and will not ever fully understand and internalize what it is to be oppressed for being trans/genderqueer/nonbinary.

If you cannot prioritize the voices of trans/nonbinary/genderqueer people in your research (and you should do a lot of research), don’t even try.  Go write something else.

/end PSA

And Nonny?  In the future, do know that trans/nb/gqlock is always allowed and welcomed on this blog, even if we don’t make a specific challenge for it. Trans/nonbinary/genderqueer people in fandom could always use some more fic that celebrates, understands, and reflects their experiences.

This is good and important. But also as a queer and genderqueer person I’ll say that I’d rather have cis folks *try* to write trans and nb/gq characters than not.

It’s ok to fuck up and it’s ok to get things wrong. Just understand that you won’t get it right and be ready for & ok with critique. Maybe ask for trans/gq/nb folks to beta read for you.

And tag it properly! If you’re cis and writing your first trans character, say so. (Same thing goes for any OC who’s life experiences differ from yours, imo. As a white person, if I create a character who’s a poc, I am going to mention that I’m white and that I’m open for feedback in order to get that character’s voice and experiences right).

Mostly I think that if we tell folks in the majority not to write minority characters, we’re going to keep on living in a world with too few minority characters.

So: do your research and Google a lot of shit and maybe try writing things without publishing on ao3 till you feel like you’ve gotten somewhere with shit. But write genderqueer characters and trans characters and all sorts of marginalized identities!


*curls around female characters* *hisses protectively*

About to do my taxes. Feel a knot of tension even though it’s probably going to be fine. Ehhhhhh.

Headcanon on Sherlock Holmes?

Ok, doing one of these on my phone before bed. I’ll do the rest tomorrow as a break from doing my taxes.

What do they smell like?
- Sherlock smells like tobacco and very expensive aftershave at first sniff. His hands often smell like chemicals and solvents and embalming fluid (because he can’t be bothered to wear gloves often enough) but if you were ever to get really close and inhale, you’d get notes of cedar and black tea and clean sweat and the faintest hint of jasmine.

How do they sleep?
- Sherlock doesn’t need quite as much sleep to function as the average person does. He feels best after sleeping for 3-5 hours at a time, sometimes doing this twice in a 24 hour period. When he’s mentally engaged (i.e. on a case) he may simply go into rest mode for 30 minutes to an hour, eyes still open but not fully present.

When he sleeps, he sleeps hard. He can put himself to sleep under any conditions, and while he prefers to sleep curled on his side, he can fall asleep in any position at all.

Sherlock mastered lucid dreaming as a teenager and has excellent control over his dreamlife, often using his rem sleep to work through puzzles and explore/play inside his mind palace.

Music they enjoy:
- primarily classical, though he secretly enjoys dub step as well.

How much time they spend getting ready:
- varies. If a call comes in about a case, he can be out the door within 10 minutes. He doesn’t wash his hair very often, but he needs to shave and dress.

His preference, however, is to take between 30-45 minutes to make himself look impeccable.

Favorite thing to collect:
- bones, body parts, and photographic examples of ash.

Lefty/righty?- he’s ambidextrous.

Religion? NOPE.

Favorite sport? Polo.

Favorite tourist thing to do while traveling?
- Sherlock loves to take those “ghost tours” so that he can solve the old murders and debunk the myths. John hates it and refuses to accompany him on the hellish rides.

Favorite weather? - foggy London night.

Weird/obscure fear they have:
- Sherlock refuses to cook alone because he’s afraid he’ll burn the apartment down. As a small child he saw his mother leave the gas on while cooking and it started a grease fire that was very hard extinguish.

Carnival/arcade game they win a lot:
- Sherlock is stupidly good at pinball.


sexuality: fictional women who could kick my ass

Forgot about my purple lipstick. It makes me feel like a tough.

Forgot about my purple lipstick. It makes me feel like a tough.




This is potentially life saving information everyone should know.

Wow, that’s awesome!





This is potentially life saving information everyone should know.

Wow, that’s awesome!



QueerSherlockian’s 221bCon Giveaway! XD

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My actual plan for tonight is to sleep on the floor and I am already not feeling it but Oh Well.


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